Equip YOUniversity

Equipping the Body of Christ for the Work of the Kingdom

Immersion Training in a Retreat Format

Equipping Short Term Missionaries for the Mission Field

Immersion Retreats to equip short term missionaries for the Latin American Mission Field

  • Spanish language for the Latin American Mission Field
  • Sharing Your Faith and Evangelizing Without Fear
  • Support Team Building – Raising Your Financial Support Team
  • Cultural Training – Share time with Latin American Missionaries, enjoy and learn about the food and the customs.

Water Filtration for the Mission Field.

Learn how to build simple single family water filtration units. facts about diatomaceous filters

Where to use them and what type of system is appropriate

The Clear Water Ministry - Jesus Christ is the filter for living water.

Aquaponics for the our Community and the Mission Field

Learn about the self contained eco-system of aquaponics, combining aquaculture (the raising of fish) and hydroponics (raising of plants in water) for sustainable food production.

The Kindle Project

Providing Electronic Readers to Pastors, Lay Leaders and Missionaries loaded with the Bible, Biblical Studies, Curriculum, Commentaries and Christian Books and Resources.